Group Shadow Work

What Is A Shadow Work Group Workshop?

Shadow work group workshops are a setting in which you can “work” on your shadow, or if you prefer, “heal” your shadow.

In such a workshop, participants and facilitators start by getting to know and trust each other, so the group develops both strength and safety; enough safety for men and women to explore their problems and challenges, and their desire for change, without the fear of being hurt once again.

Most importantly, we create a safe “container” in which men (and women in our mixed groups) are respected and in control of what happens at all times. This is the container in which you can work on your shadow. This is the container in which you are “held” as you explore the parts of yourself which carry your emotional wounds.

There are many techniques which allow us, together, to replay the drama of your past, but this time to give it a different outcome. It’s like rewriting the last act of the play so that you get the outcome you desire. For example, if you are inhibited in relationships, this new outcome might be the ability to open up to a woman or a man and show your vulnerability so that you can give and receive love fully, openly and without feeling fear.

But there’s more to this approach to shadow work than resolving emotional issues from your past, important though that is. You can also enhance and develop the energies which are somewhat lacking in you. For example, if you’re out of touch with any of your emotions, you can find ways of accessing those emotions and experiencing them fully.

If you aren’t sure how to set boundaries with somebody, or you don’t know how to express your needs, wishes and desires, you can discover ways to do this in the safe workshop space or in one to one work with a skilled facilitator.

If you can’t understand why your life seems limited in some ways, or you can’t find ways to get what you want, you can explore the energy that’s holding you back. Often the limiting factor is a strategy designed by your Magician archetype and intended to keep you safe during childhood. Sure, that may have served you well in the past, but today – well, it’s not necessarily so useful!

The results of these shadow workshops can be almost miraculous because the work we do goes right back to the heart of your deepest emotional issues.

And these techniques work fast because they are action-oriented and direct. In fact, I believe that a 90 minute session of deep shadow work, that is personal work in a group setting, which is a safe space where you can re-enact parts of your life’s drama and experience a different outcome, can be as effective as several sessions of conventional weekly one-to-one counselling or therapy.

How do group work and individual work compare?

The most obvious benefit of working in a group is that you are not alone; you are witnessed and supported. Most of the emotional wounds which men and women experienced during childhood were borne alone, so to be witnessed in your personal healing work in a group can be a powerful restorative and reparative experience in itself.

In addition, each shadow work group can generate a very special heart-centred energy which helps to hold the participants in a sense of emotional security and hasten their emotional transformation.

Video – Marianne Hill  – What To Expect In A Shadow Work Session or Group Workshop

Video – Marianne Hill  – How People Feel Safe In A Shadow Work Session

Marianne Hill has lots more information about workshops and shadow coaching sessions on her Healing The Shadow website.  Her videos above are also a great starting point if you are new to this work.

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